The table component
for your Mantine
data-rich applications

Mantine DataTable supports dark mode
Mantine DataTable is a lightweight, dependency-free component that brings datagrid-like functionality to your data-rich user interfaces. Features context-menu support and intuitive Gmail-style additive batch rows selection out of the box.
Mantine DataTable is a great component that’s core to our web app – it saves us a ton of time and comes with great styling and features out of the box
Emil Sorensen,
Typescript based
The entire codebase is written in TypeScript, component properties are well typed and documented with JSDoc, so you can build type-safe applications with confidence
Free and open-source
The package is released under the MIT license, same as Mantine library, so you can freely build fantastic data-rich applications with it
Use anywhere
You can use it in any modern React framework supported by Mantine, such as Next.js, Vite, Create React App, Remix or Gatsby

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Built by Ionut-Cristian Florescu and these awesome people.
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